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Discoveries Co-Roasting® Member Cafés

Discoveries Co-Roasting® Member Cafés

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It's what ?

2 coffees of 2 members of our community (in grains)

For what ?

A discovery coffees from our members for you and a large support so that we can continue with our assignment .
What are the cafes?

These are different coffees each month and you can discover them with the QR code when you receive them. Or even consume them blind.
How to taste them?

Depending on your preference (cupping, preference methods)
And after the tasting?

We will send you a short questionnaire so that you can give sincere feedback to our roaster members. Active listening very important to all of us.
How much ?
from EUR 10.90 VAT included ( delivery included) in metropolitan France ).

How to proceed ?

You can choose one or more options from those available on our site.

How does it work for delivery?

Free delivery in metropolitan France.
Pre-order made until day 25 of month M dispatch from day 10 of month M+1.
( Example : Order made until August 25, 2023, shipment from September 10, 2023)
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